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The Evaluation and Plan for Mary

May 25th, 2011 · No Comments

Hello Mary! Welcome to our feature Four Get Fit.

You are beginning a unique format for nutrition counseling. It appears you have been on a number of diets before, and even pills. Could you please give me a history of your weight? How much did you weigh at age 16? What was your weight before the first pregnancy? What kind of programs and what kind of results have you tried? What appealed to you about these programs? What diet pills have you used and how much weight did you lose? Did you exercise while you were on these programs? The weight history tells me how you are motivated, what works for you and what doesn’t, and how your body responds to calorie restriction.

Please fill out a food diary. Your brief description of what you eat did not appear unreasonable. However, I don’t know how large the portions are or what kind of soup, etc. you eat. More detail will help me do a better job of helping you. It sounds like you try to snack on apples and veggies. How many cookies and chips do you have and does this happen daily?

So, keep a daily log of your food intake and send it in each Saturday. I won’t ask you to do this for the length of the program, but it’s necessary to get started. If you have just recently changed your eating when you started exercising four weeks ago, tell me how you ate before that time.

After I review a week of your eating, I’ll make recommendations. Report your weight each week, and feel free to make comments about your successes and challenges.

I look forward in supporting you in your weight loss efforts.

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