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Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

December 1st, 2009 · No Comments

We all know how easy it is to gain back the weight as soon as we finish dieting.

Medical research, certainly, is intended only to help you reach your weight loss goals if you pay a lot of money for weight loss diet pills. Once you discontinue the medication, you regain your appetite and start eating enough to gain back the weight you lost and then some. Thankfully you can make a few small changes in your home that can help you to keep the weight off.

An increase in appetite can be triggered by looking at the boxes that food is packaged in.

It’s true!

For some unknown reason, long, tall boxes sitting on a shelf trigger hunger. Boxes laid on their sides and food stored in plastic bags and jars are less likely to trigger your hunger. Neatly arranged packages will trigger your hunger, even if the only thing visible is the nutritional information.

Or you might be the type of person who acts like Homer Simpson does when he sees doughnuts. This is why those circular delicious goodies are hard to resist. The eyes have a round shape. A circular object fills up our eyesight. Whenever we see a doughnut, cake, or ice cream, our mind craves food.

What’s the point of this story? If we don’t see it, we won’t put it in our mouth. When you arrive home from the market, quickly put your perishables in the refrigerator and keep your cupboards closed.

Don’t feel bad if you are one of the dieters that has to keep food out of sight to maintain self-control; there are tens of millions of them. Recent scientific experiments imply that the thought of food or no thought of food has little influence on the appetite alone. When you are obsessing about one food, find another food that you enjoy (like ice cream instead of cake) and eat a normal amount.

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