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Fuel for Improvement: We Have Seen Especially Good Results in Fitness and Weight Loss

June 22nd, 2010 · No Comments

SparkPeople helps people achieve their goals and improve their lives. They are offer three ways to help – individual and group coaching; free use of our personal improvement system; and free online software to help you set and track goals. In addition, SparkPeople works with clients in our offices to help them achieve their goals, so we know that our system really works.

The SparkPeople System, theirs personal improvement system, has been proven to help people achieve all kinds of goals. They have seen especially good results in fitness and weight loss. Their system tries to combine all the different areas someone can use to improve. The four main areas are body, mind, spirit, and outreach to other people. They combine specific recommendations in each of these areas with very easy to understand concepts. SparkPeople stresses small improvements that are easy to fit into your everyday life. These small changes help you build habits that will last a lifetime. If you are looking for a “quick fix”, please look elsewhere.

Here are some examples of SparkPeople successes. We have:

* Motivated a woman in her 40s to lose about 50 pounds and change her outlook on life. She then went on to motivate other people to change their lives too.

* Trained a high school soccer player in fitness and leadership. He made the all-state soccer team with this training.

* Helped a woman in her 50s lower her sky-high blood pressure to the lowest it has been in 15 years. In the process, she learned how to manage stress better, lost weight, and became a more positive person.

* Sparked a college-age male to lose over 40 pounds by making small changes to his lifestyle over time. He recently participated in his first 10K run, and is now training for a marathon. His parents were shocked when he came home from college and saw him!

SparkPeoplee has helped many people already. We’d like to help you too!

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