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Carbohydrate Blocker Pills with Phase 2 — Dietrine Review

October 30th, 2009 · No Comments

Do you love carbohydrate-rich foods like sweets, bread, pasta, potato chips, corn, peas, and potatoes? Is it possible to continue to eat your favorite starchy foods without increasing your weight?

Dietrine Carb Blocker with Phase 2 is one alternative to weight loss without giving up foods high in carbohydrates. It will assist in controlling your want of carbohydrates, increase your energy level, and prevent your body from storing fats.

One of the ingredients in Dietrine is Phase 2, also known as phaseolamin 2250, works to neutralize starch. Phaseolus vulgaris and white kidney beans are sources of Phase 2. It is suggested by researchers that Phase 2 is able to suppress alpha-amylase, a digestive enzyme. The function of the enzyme is to convert starch to glucose, which the body absorbs.

Your body turns simple sugar into fat, which can turn to weight gain, if the sugars are not burned through exercise or other activity. The white kidney bean extract prevents starch from becoming glucose by neutralizing the alpha-amylase enzyme. This allows the carbohydrates to just pass through your body instead of being stored as fat. Phase 2 is not a fat blocker.

Your body does require some carbohydrates. Not all carbohydrates are blocked by Dietrine. Instead it reduces the carbohydrates that your body adsorbs.

How well does Dietrine really work? It has been shown consistently and clearly through clinical tests that the carbohydrate blocker reduces carbohydrate absorption by 66-75%. A decrease in absorption of carbohydrates results in consuming fewer calories. So not only are you taking on fewer calories, but also the fat is burned for energy instead of being stored so you’ll lose even more weight.

In addition to Phase 2, Chromium and Vandium are also included in Dietrine to help maintain blood sugar levels. They also act as appetite suppressants and metabolism boosters.

When using Dietrine Carb Blocker, there is no big concern. It contains no harmful ingredients, like Ephedra, Ma Huang, or Ephedrine. You will not experience any adverse affects while taking other botanical products or medicine. It could be said that Dietrine is a preferable way to lose weight because it doesn’t include any stimulants. There is no need to be concerned about the ingredients getting into your bloodstream. Because of this, it is completely safe for consumption.

Dietrine may not be effective for everyone and the company acknowledges this. So the company offers all customers a 90-day money back guarantee if they are not fully satisfied with the product. With so little risk, what have you got to lose? If Dietrine does not work for you, you can return it to the company and get your money returned.

Many carbohydrate blockers claim they contain 100% Phase 2, since Phase 2 has been proven clinically to block starch. But these costs are much lower than Dietrine. The only formula that allows inexpensive carbohydrate blockers to be made is by mixing generic white kidney bean extract with Phase 2. Only pure 100% Phase 2 is used in Dietrine, without any filler.

Even though it has been shown that kidney bean extract works to block carbohydrates, don’t expect wonderful things to happen. Dietrine can help you in watching the amount of carbohydrate rich foods you eat. If you want to see the most possible benefits from Dietrine Carb Blocker Phase 2, include it with a daily exercise program and a healthy diet.

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